Breathing Through Seasons

Hey beautiful people! 

September is but a few heartbeats away, and for some, that means a shift in their routines, schedules and overall daily lives. For those starting school, or those caring for school-aged children, it can trigger a bit of anxiety, excitement or a mix of the two. Or simply: fall has arrived and summertime is through.  As the seasons slowly begin to change, certain aspects of our lives tend to slow down and we make room for things that are about to pick up speed and take flight.

Personally, I’ve found that all of this change happening simultaneously can be exhausting. But what I’ve found to be even more exhausting is resisting the need to rest. Slow down for any amount of time you’ve got and just breathe. Not metaphorically, but literally. Inhale…. Pause… feel that breath living inside you.  Then slowly exhale it all out. Chill. Repeat.

You can even get fancy and call it meditation.  What I’m calling it today, is conscious breathing.

Conscious breathing is the fastest way to give your mind and body a dose of healing. We all just want to be listened to… your breath included. Think of it as it’s own living thing, living inside you. Make time to hear it… listen to it… slow it down every once in a while. Honour it and love it for the life force that it provides you.  You can take a few seconds before or after your next activity for a few conscious breaths. Or maybe you’re one of the chosen few who can spare a full 15 minutes of uninterrupted time for conscious breath in the presence of crystals and a lit candle.  Do whatever you can do, when you can do it.

The seasons may be changing and your to-do lists may be growing… I know mine are.  Perhaps your once solid ship has been rocking through some winds and waves. 

But if you still have breath, take a breath!

Give thanks. 

REST to raise your vibes. 

And make your next move.

You are magically alive. Let us all strive to remember that.


~ Lisa Michelle


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