Let’s talk MONEY Spells!

Happy Thursday!  My astrology-loving folks know Thursdays to be “Jupiter Day” - a good day for luck, wealth and expansion.

I have certainly had my share of luck performing money rituals or setting money goals on this day, but not without intention. Intention, intention, intention! I can’t stress enough how important this is. As I said in a previous blog post in regards to using the elements/products for spellwork, “without INTENT, everything else is just cool stuff you find in a forest”. Yes, that goes for my own Aries Garden products too.

So let’s get into it! Let’s talk MONEY SPELLS. 

I’m going to list just some of the things I do for money manifestation (believe me, we’ll do an Aries Garden deeper-dive into each of these another time).  It’s in list form, because you can choose to do one or all of these things, layered one on top of the other, depending on what you have time for.

Each action listed is effective at drawing in money in its own right, but I’m of the belief that the more you can do adds more power, focus and intention onto your spell, so take that into consideration. (Kinda like, you can drink water as part of a healthy lifestyle, or you can drink water AND eat more veggies. You can also exercise daily, meditate etc. You get my point: the more you can do, the more you can expect better results, in my opinion.).

So here’s my Money Manifestation list:

💰 Read Meditate on Psalms 72
💰 Light a green candle* (a white one will suffice if you don’t have green).
💰 Include all the elements in your money-meditation or ritual: Green candle (fire), relevant crystal (earth), glass of water, Incense* (air).
💰 Write your money-based intention on a piece of paper and place it under your candle holder or under your incense holder*
💰 In addition to or in place of reading the scripture, repeat a money-drawing chant or affirmation. Example: “Money flows to me quickly/money is flowing to me now/Money flows to me always/Money flow, money grow”. REPEAT out loud for 3 mins or more. Let the chanting spell YOU.
💰 When your candle and/or incense stick has finished, burn your petition paper and give it to the elements (give it to the wind, the earth or a body of water)

Extra Tips:

Be sure to cleanse yourself, your space and your hands before any of this or any ritual work: with sage*, palo santo, some other cleansing herb or florida water*

if you’ve got the goods and the time, rub down your candle with a money oil (olive oil will suffice) and roll it in crushed money-drawing herbs like cinnamon, bay leaves or catnip. Then light.

(*All starred items are sold in the shop!)

I hope this was helpful to you! As mentioned, there are many more ways to ‘spell’ money into your life, but this is a good start. Let me know what YOU’ve tried and what works for YOU!

Have a blessed day, my loves. And see you in the Garden!

~ Lisa Michelle 

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