Minding my own Business... and loving it!

This photo was taken right around the time that I created Aries Garden! It was summertime 2020, I was all blue-hair-don’t-care and excited about this new venture, in spite of the fact that a worldwide pandemic had just begun.

Running a business is no small feat, especially if you’re just getting started.  The word “entrepreneur” is actually code for “I do all of the things!”: planning, buying, marketing, selling, accounting, research, management, the list goes on.  But in spite of the challenges, I really do love owning my own business! It’s hard work, but it’s all mine!  And it’s rewarding to see something you created solve problems or bring joy to other people, just the way you intended☺️.  

It was International Women’s Day yesterday, but let’s keep it going, shall we?  I wanna shout out all the women who are running businesses, managing multiple careers, raising families, building empires, endeavouring to maintain self-care and sanity and the list goes on. To those with support (thankfully I have lots!) and to those without (keep pushing & praying!)... have a beautiful, wonderful and Happy Women’s Day/Week/Month/Year and remember... you are magic!!!✨♈️✨

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