Nurturing our Personal Power

Some people fear getting older, but I’ve personally been enjoying every minute of it. Ok, minus the few physical aches and pains that come with the territory😛. But overall, I’ve felt myself growing into a more confident, self-assured and powerful individual with every passing year. ✨

I’ve learned that while I may not be able to control everything around me, I always have control of MYSELF and how I react and interact with the world. I’ve also learned that whether things are going well or not-so-well for me, that blaming others is useless and I’ll always move faster and further ahead if I take responsibility for my circumstances. Better yet, if I take responsibility and ACTION... because a little divine intervention never hurt nobody😉.

So I put in that WORK to create the life that I want, and I also dedicate time and energy into connecting with spirit, honouring my ancestors and learning how nature’s elements can play a part in my healing, cleansing and manifestation. I am so grateful for the world of power, potential and possibility I feel swirling inside of me! I hope that I can grow this Aries Garden of mine in such a way that it helps you to feel that same power inside of YOU, because it surely isn’t mine alone. Which is why I always say: “Remember your magic”. And/or, Remember YOU’RE magic! (There’s a difference, and I mean them both lol).✨

Much love to all of you... do something POWERFUL for yourself today! See you in the Garden. ✨♈️✨.

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