Various crystals and stones in a wooden dish.

Tonight’s FULL MOON in Virgo

Hello beautiful people,

Tonight, we’re blessed with a Full Moon!  An auspicious occurrence for many who are into astrology or metaphysical magic of any kind.  

As for me, I’ll be doing a money spell (cuz like, why not?) and I’ll also be charging up my CRYSTALS by resting them under the full moon light (aka, putting them in a wooden dish and setting it out on my balcony overnight).  I already cleansed them by passing them through a little sage smoke in preparation.

💎Crystals add a powerful earth element to your meditations, prayers, rituals and spells.
🔥Also include Candles for fire, Incense for air, and a glass of water if you want to infuse ALL the elements in whatever it is you’re working on.
☀️Oh and do NOT forget to set your intentions. You need to KNOW what you want so you can write it down, speak it, chant it, pray it, give it to God. Without INTENT, everything else is just cool stuff you find in a forest 😛.

Nature will always take care of itself...
so take some time to take care of you. Just sharing some of the things that I do.❤️

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