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Money Magic - Spelled Oil

Money Magic - Spelled Oil

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30mL/1oz Dropper bottle of Money Magic Spelled Oil.

Aries Garden Money Magic Spelled Oils* are handcrafted with a unique blend of money-drawing herbs and oils that were spelled with intention, ritual and our own unique-brand of Aries Garden magic!  Use it along with your own intentions for money manifestation and financial abundance!

Directions: Shake well or turn bottle upside down (with lid on) before each use to distribute the herbsRub a little oil on your inner wrists, neck and/or the bottom of your feet while repeating your favourite Money Affirmation! (Eg, Money is flowing to me quickly, money flows to me now! )

You can also use the oil to anoint your candles or petition papers in a money-drawing ritual or spell.

Ingredients:  Carrier Oils (Olive & Grapeseed), Dried Herbs (Bay leaves, mint leaves, bayberry, valerian root, cinnamon powder, cinnamon sticks), Essential oils (Patchouli, Sweet Orange).


*Please note that this is not a perfume oil. The natural fragrance of the herbs and essential oils used are beautiful and present, but very mild.  This product is primarily for intention-based use, ritual or routine.

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