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Self-Care ELEMENTS Kit

Self-Care ELEMENTS Kit

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Our “Self-Care ELEMENTS Kit“  includes treasures known to cleanse, purify and soothe the spirit. Each kit includes:
1 box of Frankincense-Myrrh incense sticks
1 box of Open Roads incense sticks
1 bottle of Florida Water (7.5oz)
1 (one) 4” bundle blend of White Sage
1 Medium chunk of Raw Rose Quartz

🔥FIRE: Light up some incense or sage when you need a positive shift in energy or vibration. 

🌬AIR: Incense & Sage are both known to purify and disinfect the air in your space. Just be sure to open windows or doors while burning to allow air to flow
💦WATER: Florida Water has a multitude of uses! You can add a splash of it to your floor wash, use it to clean your home altar or directly on your body as a cologne. It smells incredible and is known as a spiritual cleanser or “holy water” of sorts.
💎EARTH: Rose Quartz is a natural earth element, named for it’s soft pink hue and known as the stone of unconditional love. Carry it on your person or keep at home in a treasured spot to awaken and soothe your heart chakra.

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